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If a patient wishes to opt out

Giving patients a choice

When it comes to their healthcare, patients have the power to choose who can see their medical information, when it can be seen and how it is accessed.

Patients are free to choose whether or not they wish to share their data for the purposes of improving their direct care with Your Care Connected. You may wish to speak with the patient to understand why they wish to opt-out and to ensure they understand the potential consequences before processing the opt-out request. This is especially important in instances where they are opting out on behalf of their child or any family members for whom they are the carer.

If a patient is happy to share their medical information with those treating them in one of the participating secondary care organisations, they do not need to do anything.

If a patient chooses to opt out of sharing their record through Your Care Connected, they can do so at any time by:

- Returning a completed opt-out form (either by post or by hand)

- Speaking directly to a member of practice staff

What are the consequences of opting out?

Whilst a patient is free to opt out of Your Care Connected at any time, it is important they are made aware of the potential implications of doing so, if given the opportunity. This will help them to make an informed decision about their care.
  • The person treating them can just ask their practice to fax over the information and doesn’t need patient permission to do so - this may also lead to delays or even overnight stays in hospital if the practice isn’t able to provide that information quickly for any reason (e.g. they are closed) - this method of accessing patient information is much less secure and slower than accessing it using Your Care Connected
  • If the person treating the patient cannot see important information, such as any medication the patient is taking or any recent tests (e.g. blood tests), it will make it more difficult to deliver the best level of care, as they can only act upon the information they have to hand. As a result, patients might need to repeat information to the different people treating them, or fill out more forms. It could also potentially lead to complications, such as being prescribed a medication that reacts poorly with another they are taking but the treating clinician is unaware of, or blood tests being unnecessarily repeated as the latest results are not available

Patient opt out form

We understand that not every patient will want their data shared using Your Care Connected and it is important that they are given the option to 'opt-out' of the service if they so wish. It is important that patients are made aware of the potential consequences of opting out if given the opportunity so that they are able to make an informed decision. We can send your practice copies of our opt-out form to give to patients who wish to opt out.

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