How it works for patients

Your Care Connected from a patient's perspective

Your Care Connected from a patient's perspective

How is my permission be recorded?

When you visit one of the participating organisations, the person treating you will explain that they would like to view your GP record using Your Care Connected. They will then ask for your permission to access your GP record to provide you with better, safer care.

If you say yes

If you say yes and allow the person to view your record, they will record this in the system and then be able to view the information listed above from your GP record.

If you say no or have opted out at your practice

You have the option to say no if you so choose. If you refuse permission, the person will proceed with your appointment without accessing your GP record. This may mean your appointment is delayed or you are kept in hospital overnight whilst the person treating you requests your record via fax from your practice.



If you are unconscious or otherwise unable to give permission

If you are brought into hospital unconscious or are otherwise unable to give your permission for the person treating you to access your GP record using Your Care Connected, they will make a decision whether or not they think access is necessary to give you the best possible care, particularly in dangerous or life threatening situations. As long as you have not opted out at your practice, they will be able to 'break glass' and access your record in an emergency, though they must document clear reasons why this was done.

Do I have to give permission every time I visit a participating organisation, for example Heartlands Hospital?


You only need to give permission the first time you visit a particular hospital and they will be able to view your record for one calendar year from that date. As long as you do not withdraw your permission, any doctors, nurses or other registered healthcare workers looking after you will be able to access your record. Once a year has passed, you will need to give your permission again the next time you visit the hospital.

If you visit a different hospital, for example, the Queen Elizabeth hospital, you will have to give your permission again. This is done for your security and to ensure you are able to make the decision on a case by case basis.

Please note

It is important to note that, when using Your Care Connected, the information in your record is not extracted, or otherwise taken, to be used or stored elsewhere; it is not used for research and it is not given or sold to anyone else; it simply allows the person treating you when you visit a participating NHS secondary care organisations to view relevant details to help care for you during your treatment.

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