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Frequently Asked Questions - Patients



I think this is a good idea - do I need to do anything?

If you're happy to have your information accessed using Your Care Connected, you don't need to do anything further. If you visit one of the participating organisations, those treating you will ask for your permission to view your record.

Which organisations can see my information using Your Care Connected?
Which parts of my GP record can clinicians see?
Will you be participating with organisations who are not on the specified list?
I have received a letter at my address with someone else’s name on/my details are incorrect. What do I do?
What provisions are in place on where the data will be stored, the provisions in place to secure it and protect it from malicious users?

Opting out

I don't want my information shared using Your Care Connected - what do I need to do?

If you decide to 'opt-out' of Your Care Connected, only your usual medical practice will be able to access your record electronically. If you wish to opt out, please complete an opt-out form and hand it to a member of your practice staff. Your GP record will then be marked to show that you do not wish to take part.

If I opt out of Your Care Connected, will it stop anyone in hospital viewing my record?
What are the risks of opting out?
I opted out but wish to opt back in, what do I need to do?
Are there any consequences of not opting in to Your Care Connected?

Children and vulnerable adults

I am a parent - if I visit one of the participating organisations with my child, can I grant access on their behalf?

If your child is under 16 you can give consent for a treating clinician to view their medical record using Your Care Connected if you visit a hospital with them, either for an outpatient or emergency appointment.

If you believe your child is capable of making the decision for themselves, you should discuss it with them and make the decision together.

Please note: if you refuse permission, the treating clinician may override your decision if they feel it is essential to the ongoing treatment of the child.

I am a parent - can I stop anyone looking at my child's GP record?
I am a carer for a relative - if we visit one of the participating organisations, can I grant access on their behalf?
I am a carer for a relative - can I opt out completely on their behalf?


How secure is Your Care Connected?

Only authorised health and care staff working at one of the participating NHS organisations can view your medical record. What's more, access is provided through the NHS standard N3 security connection, ensuring your information is always secured to the highest possible standards.

Information is not extracted and stored elsewhere - it is shown directly from your GP's clinical system. These systems are extremely secure and resilient to cyber attack. The Medical Interoperability Gateway that help to display the information are also secured to the highest possible standards.

The person viewing your record cannot edit, screenshot or print information from it. 

The Your Care Connected team have gone to great lengths to ensure your information is protected:

  • Your practice and participating organisations must sign robust legal data sharing agreements before they can begin sharing information
  • Your information can only be seen via a secure connection
  • When you visit one of the YCC participating NHS organisations, only authorised health and care staff who are directly providing you with care can view your information
  • Each time your information is viewed, an audit trail records who accessed it, along with the time, date and location, which is recorded back within your GP record
Can I check who has viewed my record using Your Care Connected?
What do I do if I believe someone has accessed my record inappropriately?
Are you legally allowed to share my information?
What's the difference between explicit and implied consent to share?


What happens if I leave my GP practice?

If you leave your GP practice and register with another practice, your old practice will transfer your records across as normal. If your new practice is participating in Your Care Connected, they will discuss this with you on registration and check to see if you still want to share your records.

If your new practice is not participating in Your Care Connected, then your record will no longer be available when you visit a participating organisation.

What happens if I leave/no longer live in Birmingham/Sandwell/Solihull?
What happens if I visit a hospital not included in the service or outside of Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull?
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