If you don't want your information shared

Your information, your choice

When it comes to your healthcare, you have the power to choose who can see your medical information, when they can see it and how they can see it.

If you're happy with your information to be shared using Your Care Connected, you do not need to do anything.

Once your practice enables data sharing to the participating organisations, they will be able to view your record the next time you visit, whether for a scheduled appointment or an emergency visit.

The person treating you explain that they wish to view your record and why; ensure you understand this and then ask for your permission. If you grant them permission, they will then proceed to view your record. You can also refuse access at this point if you so choose.


If you wish to opt out

If you don’t want your information to be shared using Your Care Connected at all, you can choose to ‘opt out’. If you want to opt out, please speak to your practice. Your practice will then review your opt-out request and put a special code into your GP record that will stop it being accessed through Your Care Connected. Your practice may choose to speak to you first just to confirm that you understand the potential consequences of opting out.

If you wish to opt out on behalf of a child or family member:
If your child is under the age of 16, or you are the carer for a family member and you wish to opt out on their behalf for the sharing their medical record through Your Care Connected, you must speak with their/your practice. Please note, however, that the GP may decline your request if they feel it would be detrimental to the ongoing health and wellbeing of the child or family member in question.

Have you received our patient information letter? You have four weeks to opt out before the system is activated.

You can opt out at any point after this four weeks, but this four-week period is in place to ensure no data is shared before you have had a chance to review the information and opt out if that is your choice. You can opt-out after this period, but the system will have been activated, which means your record would be available should you visit one of the participating organisations. - remember, no one can view this information unless they are involved in your treatment, you are with them at the appointment and have given them permission to do so.

You can still opt out at any point after this four week period,
your record will not be shared in YCC once your GP practice has processed your opt out.

Our Opt Out Form

If you wish to opt out, please fill out the form and hand it in to your GP Practice

What are the consequences of opting out of Your Care Connected?

Whilst you are free to opt-out of sharing your information through Your Care Connected, it is important that you understand the implications of doing so:

  • The person treating you can just ask your practice to fax over the information and doesn’t need your permission to do so – this may also lead to delays or even overnight stays in hospital if your practice isn’t able to provide that information quickly for any reason (e.g. they're closed) - this method of accessing your information is much less secure and slower than accessing it using Your Care Connected
  • If the person treating you cannot see important information, such as any medication you’re taking or any recent tests (e.g. blood tests), it will make it more difficult to deliver the best level of care for you, as they can only act upon the information they have to hand. As a result, you might need to repeat your information to the different people treating you, or fill out more forms. It could also potentially lead to complications, such as you being prescribed a medication that reacts poorly with another you are taking but the treating clinician is unaware of, or you being required to repeat tests.
  • You will be opted out of all sharing services (federation hub) if you choose to opt out of YCC.

Changed your mind? Want to opt back in and allow your information to be seen by those treating you in hospital?

If you previously opted out, whether by choice or by accident, you can opt back in at any time by visiting your GP practice and informing them that you wish to re-enable the sharing of your information via Your Care Connected. A member of practice staff will then remove the block on your record.

Why do I have to visit my practice to opt back in? Can't I do it at a hospital?

Because your GP practice is the legal guardian of your patient data, they must be the one to re-enable the flow of data between participating organisations. This is done to add additional security to your record.
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