Our patient leaflet and letter

We want to make sure you can easily find out more about Your Care Connected so that you are able to make informed decisions about the sharing of your information for your direct care. 

Please see below for more information on just some of the ways we are providing information to patients.

Our patient leaflet

We have created a patient information leaflet, which was designed in collaboration with patients.

The leaflet can be made available in other languages, easy read format for those with learning disabilities, or braille. Please contact the team for more information.

Our patient letter

Every registered patient aged 15 years 11 months and over will soon be receiving a copy of our patient letter. The letter clearly explains what Your Care Connected is, the benefits it brings, what information is/isn't shared and with whom. It also includes an opt-out form should you choose to opt-out. You can learn more about opting out here.

Please note: you will have four weeks from receiving this letter to opt out of Your Care Connected if you so wish. After that four weeks, the system will be activated at your practice and, if you have not opted out, your record will become available to view ONLY IF YOU VISIT ONE OF THE PARTICIPATING ORGANISATIONS AND GIVE YOUR PERMISSION. Without this permission and you being physically present, no one can view your information. You can still opt out at any point after this four week period.


About the patient letter

Why do we write to patients aged 15 years and 11 months and over?

Patients have four weeks from the date of the letter to opt out before we activate the system at their practice. This means that, by the time the system is activated, those patients will have turned 16 and are able to make decisions about their own healthcare without the need for a parent or guardian's consent. This decision was made following consultation with legal representatives and information governance experts.

Can patients opt out after this four weeks?
Yes, you can opt-out at any time, even after the initial four weeks. The four-week period is in place to ensure no data is shared before you've had a chance to review the information and opt out if that is your choice. You can opt-out after this period, but the system will have been activated, which means your record would be available should you visit one of the participating organisations. Remember, no one can view this information unless you are with them and have given them permission to do so. 

If I have opted opt, will I still be asked for permission when I visit a hospital?
Yes, but you can simply tell the clinician treating you that you have opted out completely and they will not be able to view your record. 

I have not received my letter - can you send me another one?
The letters are sent out in batches on a practice by practice basis. You can check when your letter should be arriving by visiting this page, but please note these dates are subject to change.

If you believe your letter should have arrived by now but hasn't, you can visit your practice and pick up a leaflet, which contains the same information as the letter.

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