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Protecting your information


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Your Care Connected (YCC)

As part of the changes introduced by the GDPR, organisations which process your data are required to be clear and transparent in the way your information is handled. YCC is an NHS health record sharing programme across Birmingham Sandwell and Solihull for the sole purpose of direct patient care that has been operational since August 2015. The legal basis for this type of data processing is provided from the special GDPR category of health and social care as described in article 6(1)(e) – exercise of official authority; and article 9(2)(h) – provision of health or social care.

Please note that YCC team does not process any of your health record information but on our website you will find detailed information about this NHS record sharing programme. Should you wish to opt out please print and complete the opt out form and hand in at your local GP practice

The importance of privacy

It is important that you feel that the information contained in your GP record - which may contain personal information such as diagnoses and treatment - is secure and only shared where necessary and to improve the care you receive.

The Your Care Connected team have gone to great lengths to ensure your information is protected:

  • Your practice and participating organisations must sign robust legal data sharing agreements before they can begin sharing information
  • Your information can only be seen via a secure connection
  • When you visit one of the YCC participating NHS organisations, only authorised health and care staff who are directly providing you with care can view your information
  • Each time your information is viewed, an audit trail records who accessed it, along with the time, date and location, which is recorded back within your GP record

Why and how we process your data and your rights

Data controller information
Joint Data Controllers include all participating GP practices and providers as listed on our website

Why and how we use the information?
Your Care Connected (YCC) is an electronic record sharing system that allows authorised staff in the health and care services to securely view key aspects of the GP record, to provide patients with better and safer care.

Where is the data used?
Our current list of providers can be viewed on our website

What data is shared?
The current data that is shared can be view on our website

Where does this data come from?
General Practice (GP) medical record

Does this contain sensitive data such as health information?
Yes, sensitive data is processed as described in GDPR section 9(2)h for the purpose of health or social care.

Who are recipients of this data?
Authorised health and care staff as listed on our website

Is data transferred outside the UK?

How long the data is kept?
Data not kept

Our lawful basis for processing this data
Data is processed under Public Task as described in GDPR section 6(1)e

Your rights
Via your GP practice you have the right to: Be informed; Request access; Rectify information; Restrict or stop processing it; Object to processing, Know if a decision was made by a computer rather than a person. You do not have the right to: Erase or remove it; Move, copy or transfer it.

How can you restrict or object to data processing?
Patients can download an opt out form from our website to complete and give to their registered GP practice to opt out of this type of data processing from the GP medical record.

Is the data subject to decisions made solely by computers?

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