Protecting your information

The importance of privacy

It is important that you feel that the information contained in your GP record - which may contain personal information such as diagnoses and treatment - is secure and only shared where necessary and to improve the care you receive.

The Your Care Connected team have gone to great lengths to ensure your information is protected:

  • Your practice and participating organisations must sign robust legal data sharing agreements before they can begin sharing information
  • Your information can only be seen via a secure connection
  • Only doctors, nurses and registered healthcare professionals at participating organisations can view it
  • Your information can only be accessed if you are present and give your permission
  • Your information cannot be printed, edited or emailed at the hospital
  • In emergency situations where your information needs to be accessed without your permission, the person doing so must clearly document why the have done so
  • All access to your record using Your Care Connected is traceable including who accessed it at what time and date and at which location - you can then cross reference this against your own appointment records if you so wish
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