What Your Care Connected means to Secondary Care

"Your Care Connected is a real breakthrough in working cooperatively with general practice and is of benefit to us all. Hospitals will get immediate and up-to-date access to information held in GP systems, and practices will no longer need to routinely send this information to hospitals, in turn saving valuable time. Patients will get a better quality of care thanks to hospitals having access to this vital information which will aid in clinical decision making."

What are the benefits for your organisation?

  • Faster and easier access to the patient's GP record, which could help save lives - especially in emergency situations
  • Reduce appointment times and delays by having the information you need to hand when you need it most
  • Reduce the need to duplicate unnecessary tests by viewing recent test results directly from the GP
  • Help deliver safer care in an emergency by providing information about medication and allergies

Your Care Connected can be used when:

  • You are on one of the registered and approved lists of users within your organisation
  • You have a direct relationship with the patient i.e. you are involved in their treatment
  • The patient is present and has given you their express permission to view their record via Your Care Connected, or you have invoked the emergency 'break glass' procedure when the patient is unable to give permission but access is in their¬†best interests (and they have not opted out at their practice)
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